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Spring Color Combos- Melon and Me

So today I’m going to show you two really fun colors that come together for a fresh, soft yet fun palette. If you missed the first installment for Spring click here or start at the beginning and read thru them all (I started with Fall).

Pink and Cantaloupe

Ready for some fun? Set the tone with your invitations.
Your names in Cantaloupe Orange and the remaining of the type in Pink. I love the scroll, floral detail at the bottom. Enclosed in a Cantaloupe Orange envelope, complete with return address label in Pink.

Flowers- Bouquets of roses in various shades of pink and cantaloupe, wrapped in a cantaloupe satin ribbon, are simply…elegant and FUN!

The girls will look fresh and flirty in these dresses. Stick with one shade, or mix it up- let the girls decide what style so that they can get more than one use out of the dress- you can’t go wrong with these! Personally, I could wear the middle one over and over again- too cute!

The guys will of course, have their tan colored suits on- Forgo a tie… yes… this looks fabulous esp. when you have such a colorful looking bout to wear. (IF you must go with a tie- I would suggest a type of stripe or plaid tie with the 2 colors).

The ring-bearer will match the big boys in his smaller version of a tan suit and carry the rings atop this gorgeous pillow topped with a large cantaloupe flower created by yours truly at my shop on Etsy.

When your guests see this set-up they will be WOW’d… I know I was the first time I saw this arrangement. This was actually the set up for the “Today throws a Wedding” by none other than Martha Stewart herself (which my girlfriend Rachel has nick-named me-if ONLY I were half as great as her)! Finding those plastic chairs may be a little difficult so easy peasy solution- Silver Chivari would look just as FAB!
Those Floral Cones… I make those! I suggest just sitting them on the tables if you don’t have enough of vases to give them some height. I could even make these in various sizes to add some depth/height to the table. How UNIQUE are these! Using silk flowers will give you a keepsake too!

Love the way the tables are set up? Too cute right, ok onto the cake display. Just as fun as the tables is this cake tier.
Cake on top and stacks of cupcakes below. You’ve got the traditional cake for you and the hubs and your guests can enjoy one (or more) of these cupcakes topped with various shades of pink and cantaloupe flowers.

Last but not least- my FAVORITE part of any wedding reception is the Sweets and/or Favor for the guests- esp. if they are together!
These small cellophane bags are filled with various cookies and tied with cantaloupe colored ribbon and tag with your new initial (yes, I can make these too)! Let your guest’s choose their favorite.

Did you love how these two colors came together for a fresh, fun palette?
Thanks to the Knot and Martha Stewart for a few of the images in this post.