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a little about me

A Stylish Design is a sophisticated and savvy custom wedding design firm dedicated to the modern bride.
Regardless of style, budget or traditions, at ASD, I’ll cover them all.
With a degree in design, my constant need for gab and for all things fab, nothing is off limits!
And ok… I’m a little obsessed with unique (both subtle and extravagent) details!

Creating and designing an unforgettable wedding, regardless of whether it is an elaborate affair, or a small gathering, I want you to remember those things that made it the most memorable…the details.
I will feature only the most stylish brides and their super sheek vision and style and maybe a few of my fab favorites from time to time!

As a designer, I love to discover and create new things and share my ideas and I hope that I will inspire you!
Hopefully, you’ll love what you find and be inspired to come back and check in at ASD and share this place with your friends.


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