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Here you will find inspiration boards along with descriptions, where to shop and more! Let’s get inspired and if you would like to purchase an inspiration board, give me a shout.

Fall Inspirations

Top Left:
Who says that everyone has to match? I chose to have different flowers in various shades of orange for my bridesmaids to carry. In some weird way, each of the flowers represented them and their personalities to me.

Top Right:
Ok, so if you are from Ohio or know someone who is an Ohio State Buckeye fan, you know what a buckeye is (the candy), for those of you that don’t, it is a ball of peanut butter dipped in chocolate to resemble a buckeye. Tastes like a reeses pb cup. Yummy is all I have to say!
My husband is a HUGE Buckeye fan (don’t hold that against me for those of you that aren’t), so to honor him and our guests, I made homemade buckeyes to serve as our favors and our escort cards. They freeze very well too (if you want my recipe, let me know)! Yeah, it took some time to make all of them (800 of those little sweet treats) but it was great that it served 2 purposes and the guests LOVED them.

Middle Left:
Oh… my trophy DIY project. I saw a picture off of Martha Stewart Weddings that inspired this project. Of course, the one that they had on the site was made with fresh flowers, which I had priced out and would set me back about $175 smackeroo’s each! Yikes, thanks, but no thanks. So, the alternative, silk flowers- but not the cheapo ones. I finally found a small ivory mum that would do the trick. Time consuming and tedious to make, but what a fabulous & modern decoration it turned out to be. 3 MAJOR FAB things that happened with this. 1st they hung on the church doors to greet guests, then they hung on the doors to the reception and last but not least, they hang in my home now as a constant reminder of my wedding day. MUCH better than $350 that I would’ve spent on fresh AND I didn’t have to pitch them once wilted. Score!

Middle Right: DIY programs. Includes all the important info, including my something borrowed, something new information. Click here to see more on that.

Bottom Left:
Customized take-home cupcake boxes with custom labels. Yep-another one of my ideas. I mean, who doesn’t want to take home an extra sweet treat?

Bottom Right:
DIY cupcake stand. I double layered grosgrain and silk ribbon and glued to the base of each tier and decorated with silk orange flowers in between and around the cupcakes. Simple yet sweet.

Where to buy:
Flowers: Kabloom flowers
Floral Monogram Initial: A Stylish Design shop on Etsy
Customized: Program Templates, Favor Boxes, Stickers, Escort Cards, Buckeyes and Cupcake Stand and more, please contact me

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