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My Wedding

I always knew that I wanted to get married in the Fall. Winter and Spring are too unpredictable in Ohio- although if you are among the few that catch those rare beautiful days in the winter, you’re definitely a lucky one. I’ve always loved the Fall in Ohio. I think it depends on where you live. Trust me, if I lived in San Diego (my dream place to live) I would’ve probably have picked Spring.
In any case, I didn’t want my entire wedding to be taken over by “all things autumn”, but the colors are what really inspired me. I love the combination of brown, orange and a hint of green. I’m sure you have been to one of those weddings where the theme is carried just a little too far? I definitely didn’t want that!
So- after months and months of searching, I created a mood board with all of my favorite things.
Not to my surprise, when I went to get price quotes to make a lot of those things, it was way beyond my budget. Plus, I couldn’t find a lot of those things, unless they were custom made.

Here’s what I came up with:

Personalized Monogrammed Wreaths.
These hung on the front of the church doors at the church.They now hang in our home and remind us of our special day!

Then they moved on to welcome our guests by hanging on the doors entering the reception.

Now they hang in our house, to serve as a reminder of our special day!

I also made a 5-tiered cake stand out of cardboard and trimmed the edges with ribbon that I made by layering silk ribbon on top of a ribbed grosgrain ribbon. To fill in between the individual cupcakes, I used the tops of orange and cream colored silk flowers.

Since we went the non-traditional route of having a wedding cake, we decided that we wanted our guests to have an option to take a dessert home with them.
I designed the sticker, that I attached to white boxes that served as a “take home” container for a cupcake.